Fall 2018 in Québec

As the striking autumn colors take over the peaks of the Laurentian Mountains, we gathered in the slopeside house outside of Montréal with a sun deck, a hot tub, and plenty of nooks. In the mornings, we went for hikes in the forest and took gondola rides to the summit to see the foliage. The afternoons were dedicated to writing, knitting, napping, reading, coloring and connecting with each other. We left learned how valuable it is to surround ourselves with a community of women doing similar work, and came home with a great sense of inspiration and courage.

“FTW Retreat was the perfect time and space to be creative (I shipped the first draft of my book!), to revel in some stillness in nature, and to learn from other boss women.”

Lara Hogan

Engineering leadership coach and consultant

“Thanks for crafting a perfect weekend of relaxation, great food and meaningful conversation - I left feeling incredibly recharged and inspired.”

Amy Pan

Product Advisor