For the Women Retreat

A beautiful retreat for creative women

October 4-8, 2018Mont Tremblant, Québec

Five all-inclusive days of pliable time. Honor the introverted reader, the wild painter, the brilliant photographer, the clever writer, and the big dreamer in all of us.

The For The Women (FTW) Retreat started as an experiment. What could a yoga retreat be without the yoga? What could a personal retreat with a collective of creative women look like?

This October, we invite you to join us for the official first edition of FTW Retreat in Québec, Canada. As the striking autumn colors quietly take over the peaks of the Laurentian Mountains, we will gather in the modern house on the slopeside with a hot tub, a sun deck and plenty of nooks.

The unstructured days will be filled with quiet reflections and creative endeavors. We will come together for authentic home cooking, stories, and laughter. And we will leave feeling rested, renewed, and inspired.

To advance into possibilities with grace, we retreat as women together. We will rest, and create an experience that’s both a personal retreat and a group vacation with your girlfriends. You won’t find this anywhere else.

Mark your calendar. More details will be announced in the coming days.

Kuan Luo

About the organizer

Kuan has a knack for designing experiences that bring people together. Trained as a journalist, yoga instructor and product designer, she sees design and travel as inseparable tools for humanity to tell our own stories. Kuan dreamed of FTW Retreat last year, and is committed to bringing women together to support one another from an authentic, heartful, and creative place.



“I loved this retreat! It was peaceful, calm, and lovely. All the ladies were able to separate and come together harmoniously and without judgment. I chose to spend time working on the trip, but loved participating in group meals, game nights, and idle chit chat. It was a great, supportive and kind group and a beautiful trip.”

Erin W.

New York, NY

“We ventured to Jamaica on our FTW Retreat. In our villa, we found time to relax. Something special happens when a group of women gets to take a trip together. Everyone brought their own work or life projects and we were able to focus, get some "us" time, and enjoy the sun in a beautiful place. We ate and drank well and enjoyed our beautiful surroundings!”

Becca R.

Brooklyn, NY